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  155 Clearsprings Lane                          Harrison, AR   72601                                         USA

Health Recovery Programs offered though Clearsprings Health Center are to designed to break
​through the barriers that prevent your full recovery from chronic degenerative health conditions and diseases. Built around systemic cellular detoxification and tissue restoration, our programs help normalize body functions by removing stubbornly embedded toxic chemicals from your body and repairing damaged tissue. Dr. Broeg’s clinical experience with tissue repair and restoration during the deoxification process has led to the creation of highly effective treatment protocols. Specifically targeted sets of exercise, super-nutrition, chiropractic care, natural physical therapies and rest are all synergized to affect a thorough and efficient tissue restoration in cells, tissues, organs and control systems of your body. All of this is set in an ideal natural healing environment. We use a natural drug-free approach to normalize and stabilize body functions, so you can achieve a state of optimum physical health and mental clarity… now!

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