Health Recovery Programs

Program Description
Our Health Recovery Programs are cutting edge natural health programs designed to eliminate the underlying cause of severe health disorders and restore the body to a state of balance and vitality. The basic components of the program include:

Our Health Recovery Programs begin with a thorough assessment of each client’s current health status and the factors involved in its creation. Prior to your scheduled residential stay, you will be asked to complete a confidential lifetime case history and chemical exposure questionnaire. Your completed questionnaire will be analyzed by a supervising physician and reviewed with you by phone. The supervising physician will then create a program specifically tailored to meet your individual health needs and goals.

Preliminary Treatment
Once your individualized program has been created, you will receive a detailed, written preliminary treatment program. This may include such actions as reassessing pharmaceutical schedules, initiating preliminary detoxification actions and integrating diet and activity changes into your daily life. In some cases this may include a coordinated effort between you, your supervising Clearsprings physician and your current health care practitioner(s). Your preliminary treatment schedule will be designed to begin improving your health and preparing your body to maximize the potential of your upcoming residential health intensive.

Residential Health Intensive
The residential stay at Clearsprings Health center in Eros, Arkansas is the key component of the New Life Program. The typical residential stay at Clearsprings is 7-21 days. If needed however, your Clearsprings supervising physician may recommend that you stay longer depending on your treatment reactions toward the end of the 21 day period. Your daily progress will be monitored by a physician who will make program adjustments as necessary to ensure that you are receiving the maximum results from your program. Some of the components of your health intensive will include:

Systemic Cellular Detoxification – Our proprietary method of systemic cellular detoxification is designed to mobilize synthetic toxic chemicals and to flush them from all body cells, tissues, and organs, including the clearing of neurotoxins from the brain and nervous system. Our process supports the healing of damaged body tissue and the restoration of proper function on a cellular, organ and control system level. 

Program Specific Nutrition – Nutrition is an important component of the Health Recovery Programs, and include two elements:

Diet – The food at Clearsprings Health Center is intended to complement the goals of the program, as well as to be delicious and fun. Our menus are not built around fasting or fad diets. They are built around nutrient-dense fresh whole natural foods. We have our own farm at Clearsprings, allowing us to offer a wide spectrum of quality foods including grass-fed beef, free range chicken and eggs, raw milk and raw milk products (yogurt, kefir, cheese, and butter), fresh fruits, vegetables, sprouts, juices and our own oven-fresh sourdough breads, grains and cereals. All meals are prepared and served fresh with healthy high mineral content water provided by a fresh spring on the property. Exactly what you eat is determined by the program written for your health condition and your individual tolerances and food preferences.

Supplementation – In order to maximize your program results, we provide additional supplementation in the form of nutritional supplements and fresh juices. During the detoxification process, body tissues open up to release chemical toxins. While tissues are opened up, we utilize that opportunity to introduce the extra nutrients necessary to heal, restore, and rejuvenate body tissues, and to satisfy deep seated nutritional deficiencies.

Physical Activity – Daily physical activity is another key component of the program. It is critical to the detoxification process and beneficial to your general physical health. You will receive individualized exercise instruction, personalized for your current health condition and any limitations or restrictions you may have.

Change of Environment – Our clinical experience reinforces a fact that has been known and utilized throughout the ages in health care — a change of environment is effective therapy for health recovery and overall physical improvement. We utilize this therapy to its fullest, providing an environment in which our clients can relax, slow down, and re-evaluate their habits. Located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, Clearsprings Health Center offers a peaceful and stress-free environment for your healing process.

Follow-up Program and Treatment
At the conclusion of the residential health intensive, each client receives a post-treatment consultation with their supervising physician and a written, detailed follow-up program. Although the majority of toxins will have been flushed from your system during the residential intensive, there will be some residual elimination occurring for several months afterwards, making it very important for you to complete your post-treatment program in order to retain and maximize your gains. The New Life Program includes 6 months of post-treatment support from your supervising physician by phone.

Each program is tailored to the specific needs of the client, therefore, Clearsprings Health Center cannot provide standard program pricing online. Please contact us for additional information.

Health Recovery Programs

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