Knowledge gained form fifteen years of clinical application of our Fibromyalgia Recovery Program reveals that Fibromyalgia is a consequence of accumulated toxic chemicals in various body tissues that adversely affect your nervous system, immune system and endocrine system. Exposure to environmental toxicants, stress, poor diet and the use of certain drugs and prescription medications can all play a part in the creation of a toxic load in your body tissues.


One of the critical facts overlooked is that over time, toxic chemicals stockpile in body tissues until they reach a level of concentration that affects the control systems of the body. This leads to a failure of  your body’s physiological control systems; the nervous system, the immune system and the endocrine system. It accounts for the wide range of symptoms suffered by Fibromyalgia patients. Not understanding the basic factors underlying this condition, medical science and the entire field of health care is in a great deal of confusion about the true nature of this disorder.


Patients at Clearsprings regain strength, vitality and mental clarity. Pain, fatigue and illness that once dominated their lives no longer keep them from enjoying their work, sports, hobbies or travel. And that's not all. Other benefits commonly include improved skin tone, hair texture, eyesight, physical stamina and mental clarity and alertness.                                                                          Click here for Program description

"I have treated many patients suffering from Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia in my private practice. When outpatient treatment does not solve the problem, I refer patients to Clearsprings Health Center. I have seen even the most severe cases get consistent and effective results from the intensive inpatient program at Clearsprings." Carol Chaney, M.D.


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