Clearsprings – Set in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, USA

Clearsprings Health Center enjoys a beautiful setting  located on 100 acres in the heart of the beautiful Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. Surrounded by spring-fed creeks and rivers, the natural setting allows a stress-free, healing environment to maximize your stay. The main buildings and accommodations are all located adjacent to the spring creek with waterfalls to enhance your enjoyment and health recovery.

Clearsprings, the Place to Be

The Outdoors - One of the most spectacular aspects of Clearsprings is the natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains. Two miles of manicured trails meander across creeks, meadows, woodlands and bluffs, offering ample opportunities for enjoying the great outdoors while hiking, biking, bird watching, or just being. We offer a safe healing environment for your health recovery and personal rejuvenation.

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Our Facilities

​Clearsprings Health Center

  155 Clearsprings Lane                                 Harrison, AR   72601                                         USA

Clearsprings Facility