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Founder and Director Dr. Michael Broeg

Dr. Michael Broeg is the founder and director of Clearsprings Health Center. He is a leader in the emerging field of Toxico-Pathology (the study of the disease-causing effects of environmental toxicants on humans). As an expert and long-time practitioner of natural health care, Dr. Broeg is the author of the work Toxico-Dynamics, the Key to Modern Health. As a chiropractic physician, researcher and lecturer on health-related topics, Dr. Broeg provides an informative and eye-opening look at the state of man set in today's environment. ​

His ground-breaking work, Toxico-Dynamics®, precipitates nothing less than a revolutionary shift in our understanding of the anatomy and physiology of chronic degenerative disease. In a plain and common sense manner, Dr. Broeg uses his vast clinical experience and mastery of basic science to break through old paradigms of modern health problems such as heart disease, respiratory disease and cancer as well as newer difficult to treat conditions such as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, hormone and nervous disorders. Combining 31 years of scientific study and clinical research, Dr. Broeg not only helps unravel secrets of Mother Nature, but has distilled the into a highly effective health recovery and personal rejuvenation programs available at Clearsprings Health Center.


Dr.Broeg has 28 years of clinical experience specializing in musculoskeletal correction, diet and nutrition, as well as extensive experience in environmental chemical and drug detoxification techniques and other natural health care methods.

​As a graduate student
​of Palmer College of Chiropractic in the early 1980's he became interested in methods of treatment that were outside of the mainstream taught by chiropractic or medical institutions. He worked with Dr. Keith Block, Dr. Robert Mendelson and other non-conventional medical doctors whose basic approach was to treat patients with diet therapy. Through that experience, Dr. Broeg observed the powerful effects that intensive nutritional therapy had on cancer and other serious health conditions.

​Once in private practice
, Dr. Broeg developed an interest in cases that were difficult to treat and did not always respond completely to conventional or alternative treatment methods. He observed a recurring pattern in which patients would experience some improvement, but then the improvement would stop for no apparent reason. Eventually, he had the opportunity to work with chronically ill patients who had known chemical exposures and were no longer responding to treatment. When treated with intensive systemic detoxification methods, they got better. It was then that Dr. Broeg realized the barrier these difficult cases had been hitting was chemical, and it was a solid barrier to recovery.

​Dr. Broeg's discovery
of the role that toxic chemicals play in degenerative health conditions led him to further his research, expanding his knowledge and experience to encompass all health conditions. He found that this same chemical barrier was preventing patients from totally recovering from serious illnesses. It was also keeping relatively healthy people from reaching their full health potential. Through his clinical research, he found that once the chemical barrier was removed, body tissues could be restored naturally. 

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