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​Cancer Treatment Recovery Program

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“After the program at Clearsprings, the area of skin burned by   radiation is no longer red and painful. During the program my ‘Chemo-Brain’ went away.  The fog has lifted. I can think clearly and remember things now.  I just feel better all over.”                                                                                                     Richard Withrow


Today, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 1-in-3
Americans will contract cancer during their lifetime. This difficult-to-treat disorder now afflicts people of all ages. In fact, we all know someone who suffers with the devastating effects of not only cancer, but also the debilitating effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments used in conventional cancer treatment. While the use of chemotherapy and radiation may very well save lives, the post-treatment effects can cause disability and illness for a  many years or even a lifetime.

The Cancer Treatment Recovery Program at Clearsprings is one of our Health Recovery Programs. It effectively eliminates stored chemo drugs and radiation and repairs damaged tissues that causes ill health effects for years after they are administered. Clients consistently report increased strength, stamina, mental clarity and overall health and well-being. This program can quickly and dramatically improve your health and ensure a healthier future.

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Chemotherapy (also known as chemo) works by killing fast-growing cancer cells. Unfortunately, chemotherapy drugs can’t tell the difference between cancer cells and other fast growing cells, including epithelial cells (skin, digestive tract) and red and white blood cells. This can lead to the development of many chronic health problems such as Immune Dysfunction, Recurrent Infections, Emotional Problems, Fatigue, Weakness, Digestive problems, Skin Problems, Muscle & joint pain and Chemo-Brain. 

For many years cancer survivors have worried about, joked about, and been frustrated with the mental cloudiness they notice before, during and after chemotherapy. This mental fog is commonly called ‘chemo brain’. It’s no laughing matter however. Symptoms include Difficulty Concentrating, Difficulty Remembering Details, Forgetfulness, Memory Loss, Difficulty Multi-tasking, Difficulty Completing Tasks and Difficulty with Word Retrieval. 

Chemotherapy is a calculated use of toxic synthetic chemicals in medical treatment. These chemicals too, stockpile in body tissues. Eventually, the body reacts to the damaged and debris filled matrix with a chronic inflammatory response by sending in white blood cells to attack and reduce the toxic waste. These persistent chemicals don’t break down easily, however, and the process requires a high energy enzymatic reduction that results in a massive spray of free radicals which multiplies into widespread damage. The whole process of damage and repair takes a heavy toll in both nutrient and energy demands, most of which is extracted from other body functions. In time the hormonal, nervous and immune systems become imbalanced which invariably leads to the cascade of seemingly unrelated pain, fatigue and the myriad of aggravating symptoms experienced by post cancer treatment patients.

At Clearsprings Health Center we have developed a program for reducing the chronic illness and aggravating symptoms caused by chemotherapy and radiation treatments. Our program involves the systematic removal of stubbornly embedded toxic chemicals, including chemotherapy drugs, from your body and the restoration of damaged tissue. Based on scientific clinical research, our programs produce consistentlypositive results, even in cases where conventional or alternative therapies have failed.

Clients at Clearsprings regain strength, vitality and mental clarity. Pain, fatigue and illness that once dominated their lives no longer keep them from enjoying their work, sports, hobbies or travel. And that’s not all. Other benefits commonly include increased mental clarity, improved skin tone and hair texture, improved eyesight, and a dramatic increase of strength, stamina and alertness.

If you or someone you care about are trapped in the depressing cycle of ‘case management’ of an unwanted health disorder, there is hope for a better way. Get online or give us a call today to speak with us about how you too can recover health, restore vitality and return to life at its fullest potential.

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